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Student visas

A student visa is required for a citizen of a foreign country to pursue a full course of academic study in the United States. The student must seek to enter the United States temporarily and solely for the purpose of pursuing an education at an institution approved by the Department of Homeland Security's Student and Visitor Exchange Program ("SEVP"). 

Lally Immigration Services, LLC has the knowledge and expertise to answer questions and/or concerns regarding the following student issues:


  • Course load requirements;

  • Consular procedures;

  • Transfer procedures;

  • On-campus employment;

  • Curricular practical training ("CPT");

  • Optional practical training ("OPT");

  • Post-completion OPT ("STEM OPT");

  • STEM OPT extensions; 

  • "Cap gap";

  • Unemployment during OPT; and/or 

  • Reinstatement.

Free Immigration Consultation for Students


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